The purpose of weekly status reports

A weekly status report enables managers to track their employees’ performance and progress at all levels. Normally managers do not have the time to talk to every employee about each weekly task in detail due to time shortage. Thus, written weekly reports are an efficient way to communicate all projects, tasks and progresses during a week. This way entry-level employees can demonstrate their performance and progress to the middle management that can forward those reports to their executives. There are several prerequisites though to make weekly reports efficient: It has to be delivered in a timely manner, must be clear and concise. It must be in a format that is informative, straightforward and honest.Writing status reports on a regular basis has several advantages:

1)   Saving time

Weekly reports are an easy way to list all tasks and issues that occur during a week. It saves time as the top manager does not have to engage with every single person in a certain department but invests just a few minutes by reading a summarized list of all tasks and statuses in form of a weekly status report. The only time the manager needs to invest is in chasing his or her team to contribute to this report. Further, templates can ease the process and makes tasks comparable.

2)   Keeping track

Weekly reports help managers to observe of tasks and their progress. Reports help to set goals and to keep track whether those goals can be met after a certain period of time. It helps to review a team’s performance and enables managers to interfere when it becomes apparent that a project does not go as planned.

Weekly reports are a clearly arranged method to point out:

  • Who is responsible for which task
  • What the current status of a project is
  • Whether a project is still in progress or has already been completed
  • What the next steps are
  • Subsequent tasks that have to be done to complete a  project
  • How many hours have already be spent on completing a  task

Due to a coherent design a manager is also able to compare different weekly reports easily and detect possible problems that might occur.  To guarantee all that there are services as that provides samples a lists all activities in a coherent matter.

3)   Providing Feedback

In the best-case scenario a manager does not only read the report but also provide feedback to his or her employees. This way an employee’s work has been acknowledged but the employee also gets direct feedback on his or her performance. Thus, a weekly report enhances performance in your department in an easy way.

All in all, weekly reports are a good way to provide an overview of all activities and issues that will be worked on during a week.

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